I blame Facebook

So I’ve proven a shocking blogger, absobloggy shocking, and not wanting to shirk responsibility, I blame Facebook. I’d sworn never to sign up with Facebook because I knew I would become addicted and it would rob me of precious time spent writing another book, reading someone else’s, or just hanging out with my husband and […]

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Two Upcoming Events

Ok, so the first of these Sydney bookish events is at the Mosman Library this Wednesday, 2nd November. Please come along for a laugh as we discuss various misadventures I’ve had in brothels, on British book tours, and in Bavaria… with Bavarians. And I’ll be signing books if anyone wants one. And the second is

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On the publicity trail…

Just went on Kerri-Anne and babbled my head off. Have new respect for television hosts who sit there calmly as the crew spin around them like orbiting planets, attaching mikes, adjusting hair, whispering in their ear, ‘We’re changing the order, Kerri-Anne. Segment four is now number seven, third after the break, ok?’ K.A. just nods,

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Hobart launch

Flying down to Hobart tomorrow for book launch on Friday (7th) at The Hobart Bookshop. Hurrah! Looking forward to seeing John Hale (who’s kindly agreed to smash the bottle over my head), Janet and Christopher, catching up with friends, going to Salamanca market on Saturday morning and hanging out with ‘the ancient ruins’ – dear

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And another thing …

Hello, and thank you for visiting my Blog. Have just come home from seeing The Book Of Everything at the Seymour Centre, and feel inspired (by writer Richard Tulloch and everyone involved in this magical Belvoir Street Theatre production) to write a play more than a blog. Would urge everyone to go see it but

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