Hobart launch

Flying down to Hobart tomorrow for book launch on Friday (7th) at The Hobart Bookshop. Hurrah! Looking forward to seeing John Hale (who’s kindly agreed to smash the bottle over my head), Janet and Christopher, catching up with friends, going to Salamanca market on Saturday morning and hanging out with ‘the ancient ruins’ – dear parents. If the German hadn’t been so smitten with Sydney, we’d be living in Hobart and I’d be trying to get work at the Tasmanian Theatre Company… that’s if they hadn’t just lost their funding for their 2012 season. What kind of government of an island with more history, story-tellers and artists per square foot takes funding from its only professional theatre company? It’s a mystery.

Summer in Hobart… must pack woollies, ugg boots and ear muffs.

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