On the publicity trail…

Just went on Kerri-Anne and babbled my head off. Have new respect for television hosts who sit there calmly as the crew spin around them like orbiting planets, attaching mikes, adjusting hair, whispering in their ear, ‘We’re changing the order, Kerri-Anne. Segment four is now number seven, third after the break, ok?’ K.A. just nods, as if she can take that in while chatting to her next guest, me, whose book she probably got last thing yesterday afternoon. I know she’s going to start with the brothel, setting of my first book, and work her way through to my third book, How Now Brown Frau. Mustn’t let K.A. talk too much about sex workers, I mutter to myself, as I call her ‘Kerri’, and agree that the Germans can come across a bit dour, although ‘I wouldn’t put it like that’. ‘Fifteen seconds!’ a voice calls, and all I can think about is Jesus, Merridy, you just called Kerri-Anne “Kerri”, and suggested she lacked tact! ‘Ten seconds!’ Mustn’t talk too long about sex workers and first book. Am here to sell third book! Third book’s about Bavaria, not brothels. ‘Five seconds.’ And in two, three, hold two three, and out two three. Not dour… not dour…

Talked my Kopf off, mainly about sex workers, made very little sense, managed to mention my third book briefly at the end before being swiftly ushered out as they ushered in my replacement, an American comedian carrying an enormous stuffed bear. One day, I tell myself as my publicist Anna takes me downstairs for a coffee, past the previous guest, a gorgeous girl in nine inch heels who, despite looking about seventeen is apparently already an ex Miss Australia, ‘Bye Jacinta, lovely to meet you too!… One day, I tell myself, I’m gonna be good at this. ‘You were fine!’ everyone says. And look, I was. Barely told Kerri-Anne one thing about my latest book, but nor did I vomit on her. A cognitive behavioural therapist would say, ‘See? And nor did you hyperventilate, or die.’

And for that – I’m grateful. And also grateful to dear old Tassie, where according to my proud dad, my book has made it into the top ten, at number three. Woohoo!


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  1. Laurie Kerslake

    Hi Merridy, I started with How Now Brown Frau (my “husband to be” is Bavarian but came to Australia at 5 yoa) and then sought out your other two books, just finishing There’s A Bear in There about three minutes ago. You really connect with the reader and I feel like you are an old friend so please keep writing! I hope you and your family are well and you are keeping up with your German (the language not the husband lol) I’ve tried to pick up on it for years but really think I’d need to be completely immersed to get any further with it. Unfortunately I have never seen any of your acting or interviews but will try to keep up with your movements to make sure I do. Thanks Laurie

    1. Hi Laurie,
      One of the best things about having written this book is hearing from readers like yourself who are married to Bavarians (or Germans), or are Bavarians (or Germans) married to Australians (or Brits/New Zealanders/Canadians… I could go on…) who’ve had some similar experience, and can relate to my story. Yesterday I even swapped wedding photos with a lovely fellow from Landshut called Johann!
      So I feel like an old friend too. I’ll try to be a good one to you, Laurie, and get cracking on the next book, but thanks so much for taking the time to write to me.
      ps. Yes, I am still continuing with the German lessons. I hear it’s good for the brain, learning a language, although after two hours of German grammar, so is a large vodka and lime and a foot massage.

  2. Just finished reading your third book and loved it! Recognised your face on the cover from “Packed to the rafters” at the local library in NZ so i got it out and am now looking to see where the other books are. I have learnt German at school and my family has had lots of experience of Germany-related culture and people including an exchange student. The part about the difficulties of the language were very close to my heart, as was the bit about Jay-walking (whats so wrong with crossing if there aren’t any cars). Laughed quite a lot reading through it and kept having to read bits out loud to my husband. You write very well, funny and very relateable.
    – from Hannah

    1. Thanks, Hannah. Always great to hear from NZ readers, especially one with connections to Germany. Just trying to lock down an interview with Radio New Zealand National… in between filming Rafters. Hope you get to find the other two books – completely different adventures, but hopefully funny enough to read out to the hubby too! Cheers, Merridy.x

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