Auf Wiedersehen Hobart

I’ve had the best time in Hobart, not just catching up with family and friends, but doing publicity for my new book. Thanks so much to John Hale and the Hobart Bookshop for the great launch and to Chris Wisbey at ABC Radio for such a fun interview today. I’ve been telling everyone I have two homes, Sydney and Munich, but clearly it’s three.

4 thoughts on “Auf Wiedersehen Hobart”

  1. Hi Merridy,

    Just letting you know how much I enjoyed How Now Brown Frau. Apart from being the perfect length to fill a flight from Sydney to Singapore, I could really relate to the European expat experience. And I thought the episodes around Henry’s birth were particularly brilliantly written.

    Mevrouw T has almost finished reading it too now, and there is a waiting list in the family. Our daughter and son-in-law were also expats in Germany (Dusseldorf) for 18 months.

    My next long haul flight is to New York in April 2012. Please ensure that you have another book published by then.

    Meanwhile, may HNFB enjoy the success it richly deserves.


    1. Hey Richard, so thrilled you enjoyed Frau. And the next book you adapt for stage – I want to be in it! Still raving about your magical adaptation of The Book Of Everything… as is our seven year old boy Henry.

  2. Dieter E. Maier

    Hi Merridy,
    I am from Stuttgart/Germany. But now I’m staying in Canberra visiting my daughter and her family. During my stay I read “how now brown frau”. It was very interesting for me to read about your experiences in Muenchen. Now it would be interesting what happened after your returning to Australia. Can we hope for a new story?

  3. Hallo Dieter! Schön von dir zu hören. Ich bin in Canberra geboren (in 19**…) so schöne Grüsse an deine Tochter und Familie auch. The fourth book is going to take a while as I’m currently busy filming Packed to the Rafters (or Die Chaosfamilie on Vox) until midyear, but I’ve started making notes already and hope that it will be sehr lustig. But thank you for writing to me, and I hope you enjoy our National Art Gallery before you nach Stuttgart fliegen. I love Canberra, and once played a wonderful woman (artist and architect) called Marion Mahoney, who also loved Canberra…. ( Alles Gute!

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