Book coming soon

Here’s what Pan Macmillan has to say about ‘Just Between Us’, coming out in June, 2013: Empathetic, supportive and respectful… Or competitive, manipulative and downright bitchy? Or somewhere in between? In Just Between Us Nikki Gemmell looks at the hardwiring that keeps us bonded in tightly knit packs, but makes us feel oh-so-claustrophic in mothers

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On Friendship…

Have been asked by a publisher to contribute to an anthology about friendship. Am so scared of upsetting people I know – (family!)  have decided to make up something instead. Will put details of book on site later, if my contribution makes it to the final cut that is… Back to the typewriter… Cheerio!  

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Hobart bound…

When the Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation rang to ask if I’d like to be guest speaker at their June 6th luncheon, I said yes, even before they promised to feed me. Not only would it be a pleasure to do something for this wonderful organisation that funds critically important medical research, but this way

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I blame Facebook

So I’ve proven a shocking blogger, absobloggy shocking, and not wanting to shirk responsibility, I blame Facebook. I’d sworn never to sign up with Facebook because I knew I would become addicted and it would rob me of precious time spent writing another book, reading someone else’s, or just hanging out with my husband and

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