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Hello, and thank you for visiting my Blog. Have just come home from seeing The Book Of Everything at the Seymour Centre, and feel inspired (by writer Richard Tulloch and everyone involved in this magical Belvoir Street Theatre production) to write a play more than a blog. Would urge everyone to go see it but sadly it finishes tonight…

But tell you what begins on Monday! My book, that’s what! How Now Brown Frau will be in bookshops as of October 3rd, and please feel free, after buying a copy, to discreetly place another in the window display (if it’s not already there…) I’ve heard that most bookshops, understaffed as they are, actually appreciate such gestures. And placing copies at eye level on the shelves isn’t a bad idea either. Nor is holding up a copy at peak hour and shouting across the shop to your friend, imaginary or real, ‘Oh Marjorie, look! How Now Brown Frau‘s out! Forget Thai take-away! Let’s take this home and laugh our heads off!’

But if The Book Of Everything comes back for another season, don’t buy anything, not even my books, until you’ve seen this beautiful production.

7 thoughts on “And another thing …”

  1. And don’t forget that other important author’s tactic, Merridy – turning your book face out on the shelves, in the process covering up books by people you don’t like very much.

    Glad you enjoyed The Book of Everything, which anyone who missed the production should read as a novel anyway, and all the best with the Brown Frau. Looking forward to reading it!

  2. Thanks so much, Angeline! I’m currently reading David Sedaris and feeling the same way. Great to hear from you, and all the very best, Merridy.

  3. Hi Merridy, I picked up your book in Melbourne airport and, as the Germans say, laughed myself dead! I lived in Germany (in Heidelberg) for 4 years, and although much of it was uncomfortably true, and reminded me why I came home to Australia, I also loved reliving so many of the really very funny aspects of living in Germany. I’ve been back since Feb 2007 and had forgotten so much. I also married a German and we’re still overcoming some cultural differences! I guess being a vegetarian in a country where food revolves around Wurst was never going to be easy, was it?


  4. Hi Kerry,
    When I lived in Germany I used to say – Gott in Himmel, you wouldn’t want to be a vegetarian over here! And there you were!! Wish I’d have known, we could have met up for Apfelkuchen. I’m so glad to hear my book made you laugh, and that you and your Mann are also learning to overcome certain cultural differences. Mine (Tom) is currently struggling to come to terms with Australian sausages.
    Best wishes,

  5. Hello Merridy, So happy to find you on here! I absolutely loved your books – right up there with some of the best books I have ever read. You kept me laughing the whole way through; and I was so happy when you finally met your lovely german fellow. Now you are gracing our TV on Packed to the Rafters. Best wishes Merridy, your a great girl!!

    1. Thanks Sally. You’re clearly a great girl too, and with excellent taste in books. Best wishes to you. Happy Easter! X

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