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When the Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation rang to ask if I’d like to be guest speaker at their June 6th luncheon, I said yes, even before they promised to feed me. Not only would it be a pleasure to do something for this wonderful organisation that funds critically important medical research, but this way I get to see the Ancient Ruins (my parents) too. In fact, the Ruins will be there so I might put them to work and even get them to sign a few books… Can’t wait to catch up with the usual suspects, roam around Battery Point, Salamanca Place and the city, check out MONA with my friend Nic, and breathe some fresh Tassie air.

Here’s the flyer if you’re interested. Hope to see some of you there. x


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  1. Fiona Taylor

    Hi Merridy,

    Have just finished How Now Brown Frau and loved it, just like I loved your two previous books which have also read. Keep up the good work and keep writing, please!!


    1. Hi Fiona,
      I’ll try – specially with such lovely and encouraging feedback – thank you!
      Back to the keyboard in the attic… wish my husband would bring me another cup of tea…

  2. Cathy Dobinson

    On this years leap day I lost a dear friend from bowel cancer at age 50. Martina
    immigrated to Australia from Germany at age 13 with her parents . She lost them both way to early as well. She has no other extended family in Australia but has left behind 2 wonderful daughters aged 15 and 17.

    Martina left special gift packs for her close friends which we received a few weeks after she died. It included a copy of How Now Brown Frau. She wrote a message inside the front cover ” to remember the good times and laughs we shared. This book is hilarious and depicts the differences between the German & Australian cultures quite well. Differences I could not put into words. It is a hilarious read. So enjoy girlfriend .”
    I have really enjoyed your book and have had laughed a lot always knowing Martina is sitting on my shoulder laughing with me! I think she would have deeply appreciated your story and it would have taken her “back” to her homeland.

    Danke Schon ! On behalf of Martina – Cathy 🙂

    1. Dear Cathy,
      I was so moved to read about your dear German friend Martina, her battle with cancer at such a young age, and the loss felt by friends such as yourself, and no doubt her two wonderful daughters. She just sounds gorgeous, their mum and your Martina. And truly I’d say that even if she hadn’t loved my book, Cathy! Anyone who leaves special gift packs for her close friends… including something as personal as a favourite book – just sounds like a class act to me. I’m honoured to hear she found How Now Brown Frau ‘hilarious’. But best of all is to hear that in reading her choice of book, you felt your friend was with you again – and laughing too. That kind of feedback is priceless for any writer. Thank you so much for writing to me, Cathy, and thank you liebe Martina.

      1. Cathy Dobinson

        Dear Merridy

        I am touched to hear back from you so quickly as I did write in honour of a “top shelf ” friend who taught many of us to really value our lives, step over the small stuff and get on with enjoying each day. Martina would be thrilled I will definitely share this with her daughters. You know she was so German and yes she was ackass act … she was able to prepare for her “departure” so she had a file marked “F” for funeral, actually I think it was f…..in funeral and had it planned to the 9th degree. She even chose 2 friends to read out a message from her to all of us ( she had to have the last word !).

        Thanks again it warms me inside and brings a tear to my eye thinking of her and how much I miss her and how much I value the chance to write to you and share a snipet of her life story. I appreciate from your kind words what a genuinely good soul you are as well. All the very best. I look forward to your next instalment.
        Cheers/Prost … Cathy

  3. Hi Merridy, I live in Hobart but missed you at this event – however reading about it in the local paper (The Mercury) made me aware of your wonderful books. I have always admired you as an actor but had no idea you were also a writer. I immediately downloaded your first book to my Kindle and started reading. I have just finished your third book a few days ago! I loved them all. I now have that feeling when you finish a much loved book where you ‘miss’ the characters! I really hope you are writing a fourth book so I can find out how you, Tom and Henry go moving to Sydney! Thanks for all the laughs.

    1. Thanks for your lovely message, Melissa. So glad you read all three books and enjoyed them! Although nothing tops the euphoria of crossing the final edit finishing line (that’s when I dance around the house with knickers on head) I miss the book too once it’s finished. I promise a 4th book soon. It’s about my family. No it’s not! (I just love to write that to give them all a good scare!) But I hope it too will be funny. And thanks again for taking the time to write to me. X, Merridy.

  4. Oh for the love of book exchanges. I am 67years young, love books and whilst I am a bit slow in finding you, found you I have. My first find was ‘how now brown frau’. It was brilliant on so many levels for me. Firstly, your style of writing captured me on the first page then I realised this book will be brilliant for my daughter who went to live in The Hague, pregnant with her first child, unlike you though with no family whatsoever there but your story is so similar, she is now reading it as well. I only wished I had read the back in depth as twice I was caught out. Once on the bus and once among a grumpy atmosphere at Centrelink; caught out with a burst of utter raucous laughter. ‘Laugh-out-loud funny it definitely is.
    Sorry this comment is so long but it is your fault writing great books. My next venture with you was ‘There’s a bear in there etc.’ Honest, it got that way that I donned on my best clothes each time I opened the book as I felt sure I was right there with you; as a receptionist or one of the girls. Another book for my daughter as she now lives in Sydney and knows the areas. Can’t wait to get onto your next one. Thank you for sending me into your wonderful world.

    1. Dear Rose,
      What a great message. I’ve read it a few times now because you’re so kind and funny – and hello – talk about creative and talented! I checked out your blog http://randomrose.wordpress.com/ and just love your angels, mandalas, homemade books and and altered books! My mum (Rox) worked most of her life as a teacher librarian, so usually when I see anything ‘done’ to a book I gasp with horror (conditioned reflex…) – but even Rox would love what you’ve done. I hope anyone who reads this checks out your website and enjoys your work as much as I just have, Rose. Can you tell your daughter how amazing her mum is please? And how lucky are those grandchildren of yours? I have an eight year old, and by golly this weekend we’re going to make some paper cups and saucers! Rose, thank you so much for writing to me. I love hearing you laughed out loud on public transport. That’s always the very best compliment for a writer like me. Cheers and a mighty hug. Merridy.x

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